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How Lizzo and Vogue set a New Standard for Equality and Inclusion

When the October 2020 issue of Vogue arrived in my mailbox, I was shocked. Maybe a little appalled.

I’m not a subscriber. Don’t get me wrong, I think the fashion industry is… interesting. I’ve seen Devil Wears Prada (twice). But honestly? Glossy magazines represent a perfume-infused dream world – fashion, makeup, models, skipped meals – that is not even close to my reality.

Take A Break To Build Your Results

Are you feeling a sense of foreboding? An unshakable dread that someone from work will … need you … to do something … during the holiday break?

Got Productivity Issues? Think More Like Elon Musk.

Elon Musk is not freaking out today. Let me be clear right up front, I don’t know Mr. Musk personally and there’s a whole lot I disagree with him on (in particular, how he dealt with his employees during the height of the coronavirus). But I feel in my bones that this larger than life

3 Ways To Get A Grip And Recoup Your Productivity

I have a confession to make. I jumped on the election news frenzy roundabout. I know, I know! But it was only for a little bit, honestly. It just looked so exciting! Hi, I’m Cindy. I teach courageous leadership and I’m a dopamine addict. I can’t get enough of spinny things.

3 Surprising Secrets to Becoming a Courageous Leader

As both a recovering corporate executive and a successful entrepreneur, I’ve seen my fair share of great leaders and, I’ll level with you, some pretty horrible ones. And we’re seeing examples of both right now in the reactions to COVID-19. When you think about it, we’ve all spent most of our careers noting (whether consciously or unconsciously) those leaders that are hitting it out of the park… and those who should be kicked OUT of the park.

3 Ways to Build Your Courage (and Change The World)

After over 20 years’ traveling the world researching, talking about and helping organizations build courage, you would think there was nothing that could phase me. I’ve answered thousands of questions about courage, and helped thousands of business leaders overcome doubts about their ability to act and lead courageously. I am passionate about courage as a

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