Meet Cindy

For more than two decades, widely admired leadership expert, author, and keynote speaker Cindy Solomon has helped Fortune 1000 companies around the world cultivate Courageous Leaders and customer-focused cultures.

With her signature razor-sharp wit, Cindy goes beyond battlefield analogies and sports metaphors to deliver real-life business stories and actionable advice on next-generation leadership and service excellence in today’s customer-driven economy.

Keynote attendees and workshop participants praise Cindy for providing new and relevant information that can be immediately applied to their daily work routines. Business leaders consistently express amazement at the fast and lasting results they see both in their corporate cultures and against the bottom line. Past and present clients include: Oracle, Cisco, Google, Salesforce, Raytheon, Wells Fargo, UPS, PWC, The Ritz-Carlton, Pfizer, and hundreds more.

About Our Facilitators

Cindy and her team of facilitators travel around the world as highly sought after leadership and customer loyalty strategists.

Our extraordinary facilitators are fluent in many industries ranging from financial services to aviation, banking and healthcare to high-tech. With dozens of years of experience and their signature style and humor, our seasoned facilitators bring Cindy’s leadership programs to life for your employees.

To contact Cindy’s team, please email Leah Neaderthal at

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About CSA, Inc.

CSA, Inc. works directly with companies to bring Cindy’s programs to life. Whether it’s a hilarious Cindy Solomon keynote program, impactful two-day training program or digital e-learning for the front line, our team will help make implementation easy and seamless.

To contact Cindy’s team, please email Leah Neaderthal at

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cindy's books

Courageous Leadership

The Courage Challenge Workbook

Courage CAN be learned! Cindy’s step-by-step workbook helps readers identify their unique courage, and learn when to use each type of courage to embrace change, thrive on it, and meet the demands of today’s business environment. Ideal for teams and organizations.

Customer Loyalty

The Rules of Woo

This highly entertaining, content-rich book has become a cult favorite among corporate leaders around the world. You’ll learn what to do (and not to do) in the race to woo profitable customers and win their loyalty for the long run.