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A Masterclass in the Art of Saying “No.”

Protecting our schedules (and our sanity) isn’t as simple as learning clever or snarky ways to graciously decline an invite here and there. Learn the art of saying “no.”

Carli Lloyd Soccer

4 Things Carli Lloyd Can Teach Us About Leading

People who become superstars are obsessed with what they do. Carli is no exception. She was singularly focused on training hard, getting opportunities to play with the best, and using those opportunities to perfect her craft.

From Now On, The Customer Comes Second

Walking away from our blind adoration of people with wallets may seem counterintuitive in today’s highly competitive global marketplace. But hear me out…

back-to-work with glazed donuts with googly eyes

We Need to Talk About Your Return-to-Office Plan

Seriously, pay attention and don’t eff this up.*

You know those times when you pop open a news app on your phone? And what you read strikes fear in your heart? That was me this week. And last week if I’m being honest.

Don’t Be a Victim of The Great Resignation

The Great Resignation is on. Is your company at risk of losing 40 percent of its workers? Are your top performers saying “gotta go” and leaving for jobs with competitors?

Executive woman holding out hand

We’re the Leaders Women Have Been Waiting For

Women in the workforce are at their lowest numbers since Madonna filed assault charges against Sean Penn and Jessica Rabbit hit number one in the box office. There we were, charging ahead with women’s rights, leaning in hard, elbowing our way onto earnings calls. Women were 50 percent of the labor force. We were fueling the economy and taking names. What happened?


5 Secrets to Being Cool With Back-to-Work Uncertainty

I’ve spent a couple decades working beside some of the world’s most courageous leaders as they navigate mergers and acquisitions, economic crises, and periods of change. What stands out the most to me is successful leaders’ comfort with uncertainty. Somehow, they find a way to be okay with things not being okay.

4 Ways to Get a Grip on your Calendar

The most successful and courageous leaders I know have a few techniques that allow them to control the flow of their calendars. By taking these simple actions, they own their days and weeks, all the while keeping a laser focus on the priorities that matter most.

4 Secrets to Making New Habits Stick

Oh, springtime you fickle beast. Thanks to some late season snow, I lost my electricity for about 20 hours last week. You’d think that by now I’d know how to be an adult about these things. But no. I was completely disoriented.

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