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Annual Reviews Don’t Have to Suck

There are so many myths and misperceptions around annual reviews, nobody has been able to figure out how to do them effectively. So we just keep doing them badly.

closet doors

Let’s Take Salary Discussions Out of the Closet

It’s almost 2023. Women in every industry still have to fight for the titles and pay their male counterparts are given automatically. We can’t wait any longer for “the system” to change.

What Lizzo Taught Me about Power and Influence

We all wield power and influence in our own lives both personally and professionally. Lizzo’s actions remind us to ask ourselves if we are using these benefits of leadership wisely.

Computer screen that says "do more"

A Primer on Post-Screw Up Emails

As leaders, we make mistakes. In the end, the details of our mistakes don’t really matter much. What matters is the recovery, which gets less media coverage but pays off in the long run.

A Masterclass in the Art of Saying “No.”

Protecting our schedules (and our sanity) isn’t as simple as learning clever or snarky ways to graciously decline an invite here and there. Learn the art of saying “no.”

Carli Lloyd Soccer

4 Things Carli Lloyd Can Teach Us About Leading

People who become superstars are obsessed with what they do. Carli is no exception. She was singularly focused on training hard, getting opportunities to play with the best, and using those opportunities to perfect her craft.

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