The Customer of the Future

Inspire diehard loyalty among customers and employees alike

In a world of greater choice, more incentives and less loyalty, how do we keep profitable customers and high-performing front-line employees to stay with us?

This energizing, content-rich presentation – one of Cindy’s most popular – cuts through the clutter to the essence of what today’s highly-evolved customers and employees really want and need from our businesses.

Cindy’s hilarious anecdotes and poignant insights will bring attendees to their feet with inspiration for what to do (and what not to do) in the race to win the loyalty of customers and employees.

Ideal For: All Audiences

Key Themes
  • Customer experience
  • Customer retention
  • Customer service leadership
  • Creating competitive differentiation
  • Sales leadership
  • The latest trends driving customer loyalty



Audiences will learn:

  • Full understanding of the behavioral trends that create true customer loyalty
  • The powerful steps to creating a customer dialogue that lasts
  • The power of the individual employee to make a difference in the organization's success with customers
  • Engaged and focused cross-functional service teams

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