Creating a Culture of Courage

Leverage personal courage to drive organizational success

In today’s business world, there’s more at stake than ever, and we’re being asked to lead and grow in the face of tremendous odds. Doing that requires Courage.

Courage CAN be learned, and know your specific type of courage is the first step.

Borne out of 5,000 interviews of leaders, Cindy — in her signature hilarious style — shares how to build and use courage, and how to use it. The result is leaders and teams that communicate, innovate, and truly lead their organizations.

Ideal For: All Audiences

Key Themes
  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Boosting innovation
  • Creating high performance teams
  • Career & team success
  • Managing through change
  • Leadership engagement
  • Cross-functional communication



Audiences will learn:

  • Recognize and utilize the four types of courage
  • Learn a foolproof process for overcoming challenges
  • Learn to leverage courage to build teams that embrace change and the unknown
  • Learn how to create an action plan process for courageous teams

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