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ongoing learning

Just like learning a new language, you won't see results with the "one and done" approach. 

From interactive live online workshops to modular On-Demand Development e-learning, our ongoing learning programs are the key to long-term, consistent improvement in performance against customer and employee results across your organization.

Innovative e-Learning
On-Demand Development

Engaging, interactive micro-learning modules created to move skills forward quickly by linking learning to everyday leadership activities. 

Interactive Webinars:
Live Online Workshops

Translate ongoing into action with webinars designed to allow leaders to re-engage with skills and advance their own development.


"Your message about a Culture of Courage will be invaluable... as we create new opportunities in an environment of change."

Raytheon, CEO


"Cindy has helped transform the culture of our company."

KeyBank, CEO


"Cindy's program The Leader of the Future has absolutely been a game-changer for our business."

Alaska Airlines, COO

Client testimonial for Cindy Solomon - Barclays Bank

"In my many years at this company, I’ve never experienced a more effective training."

Barclays, Vice President

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