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From intensive 2-day workshops to modular online learning, Cindy's leadership programs are the key to long-term, consistent improvement in performance against customer and employee results across your organization.

live leadership programs

If you are looking for a way to help your leaders and managers act boldly, think innovatively and inspire nimble, effective and responsive teams, these live, 2-day leadership events are the answer.

Our 5 key programs help organizations create the skills, culture and growth they want.  Each highly interactive program is delivered in a full, two day session at your company location and can be linked with a cadence of learning tools including webinars, micro-learning on demand development and ongoing weekly snapshot coaching for retention.

Build bottom line results by creating Courageous Leadership at scale.

Building the skills necessary to influence and innovate across organizations.

Building the skills, tools and motivation to create high performance teams against any goal.

When alignment of leadership isn’t enough and you need to ensure every customer touchpoint is onboard.

Building high performance and retention through high impact leadership techniques.

on demand development

Move learning into action with Cindy’s suite of innovative, exclusive and impactful online coaching courses.

Each e-learning course is built on a set of engaging, interactive MICRO-LEARNING modules designed to allow attendees to put the lesson into immediate practice. Short 2 - 3 minute video’s introducing skill development followed by downloadable activities, tools and action plans to help bring the learning to life. Modules are completed by taking a challenging and provocative quiz that further embeds participants’ new skills in their everyday leadership activities.

Evolves managers to leaders by arming them with the specific skills needed to create agile, innovate and inspired teams.

Create a proven cadence of learning with Cindy’s 2-day workshop, followed by this provocative and interactive program of 6 months of on demand learning.

Energize and improve your customer experience by arming your entire front line organization with a common language of customer engagement and peer communication.

Courageous Leadership:

From Manager To Leader

Every organization struggles with aligning large management teams to a common definition and execution of high performance leadership skills. By outlining a set of specific and unique courage-based tools, this course transforms  managers at every level into leaders able to build agile, productive and innovative teams.

Containing content previously only available in the exclusive 2-day live workshop, From Manager To Leader is an innovative program tailored to create the consistent and long-term leadership skill and understanding needed to drive accountability and results across the footprint.

For organizations with a desire to create alignment across leadership levels that positively impacts both employee and customer engagement, this course is the ideal first, big and courageous step on the journey.

Key Themes

  • Creating Engaging Goals
  • In-the-moment Coaching
  • Observational Coaching
  • Strategic Leadership Prioritization
  • Courageous Conversations
  • Values & Skills for High Performance


  • A common language and skill set across level and organization
  • Tools to meet the needs of the customer of the future
  • Consistency in leadership language and expectations
  • Evolves managers of tasks to leaders of people

Once attendees return to work, the difficult task of prioritizing and enacting their leadership skill development begins. Through this accessible, digestible and practical series, attendees of the 2-day workshops are not only reminded of the skills and concepts learned in the live event, but are efficiently and effectively guided on how to apply those lessons to their everyday leadership activities.

In addition to the skills reinforcement this course provides, there is also an innovative feature for on-demand development in real time - as and when the skills are actually needed.

Vital to all organizations who have participated in the 2-day live events, Remind & Reinforce For Results is your guarantee for the long-term learning, evolution and growth of high-potential leaders.

Key Themes

  • Recaps of concepts and skills taught in 2-day live event
  • Guidance on involving skills in everyday work practice
  • Advice on managing roadblocks to enacting courage behaviours
  • In-the-moment coaching for effective activation of skills


  • Continuous learning against leadership skills
  • Leaders provided with tools necessary for ongoing coaching and accountability
  • Activates learning for constant and consistent reinforcement

Courageous Leadership:

Remind and Reinforce for Results

Courageous Leadership:

A Frontline Jumpstart

Created to build consistent customer experience across large footprint organizations, this fully customizable program jumpstarts every employee against the cause of customer experience.

Packed with powerful real-world examples and interactive learning, A Frontline Jumpstart gives teams a deep understanding of what today’s highly evolved customer requires, as well as providing the practical tools and techniques to go “above and beyond” in every interaction and build long-lasting relationships.

Ideal for organizations looking to gain a competitive edge through a proactive customer engagement approach and consistently impactful service execution, this program is uniquely tailored to give employees the skills and the desire necessary to build long-lasting bottom line results.

Key Themes

  • Understanding skills and behaviors that drive customer loyalty
  • Creating consistent and proactive service experiences
  • Differentiating products and services
  • Taking full ownership of the customer experience
  • Sharing best practice and further team development


  • Create a consistent language around consumer service execution
  • Develop skills needed to drive positive customer experience
  • Enable a common language of coaching for Managers to accelerate further learning
  • Create a united organizational sense of purpose and importance
  • Enhancing understanding of frontline staff’s ability to own their development and career success

"Your message about a Culture of Courage will be invaluable... as we create new opportunities in an environment of change."

Raytheon, CEO


"Cindy has helped transform the culture of our company."

KeyBank, CEO


"Cindy's program The Leader of the Future has absolutely been a game-changer for our business."

Alaska Airlines, COO

Client testimonial for Cindy Solomon - Barclays Bank

"In my many years at this company, I’ve never experienced a more effective training."

Barclays, Vice President

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