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Four Ways Productive Leaders Own Their Day

We’re not talking about creating the flexibility to scoot out to a spin class – although that’s well and good. Instead this is about how the best leaders maintain their focus even when the world is flying at them like water from a firehose. When you strategically own your day as a leader, you can

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Five Secrets to Mind-Blowing Customer Service

We’ve all been there: The company whose customer service was so bad you wanted to throw your phone against the wall or yell something really unpleasant at the “customer service” rep (maybe even suggest a new title for their job?). Contrast that with the company whose service was so good, you walked away thinking, “Did

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Four Reasons Your High-Performers Are Leaving – and How to Stop the Cycle

Attracting and retaining high-performing employees is an issue that almost every company grapples with today. In fact, nearly 90 percent of companies surveyed by Deloitte Consulting consider employee engagement and culture as one of their top challenges. So why are we inadvertently running off our high-performing employees? Usually it’s because we don’t understand what they

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Five Year-End Questions Great Leaders Ask

Where’s the champagne? That might be the first question you think of as we near the end of 2016. But before you mark 2016 in the books, now is the ideal time to reflect on the year and how 2017 can be even better. Sure, most leaders are already doing that, but you might be

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5 Employee Engagement Hacks That Cost You Nothing

It’s easy to blame employees for not caring, but the truth is employee engagement is all about leadership. (Yes, that means you.) Low employee engagement breeds everything from bad customers service to low productivity and it’s up to you to help break the cycle. Whether you have a formal team or lead many informal teams,

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