Service Secrets from the Final Four

It was early April, so naturally, I was in Nashville for the NCAA® Women’s Final Four® … because I’m tall. No, seriously I’d been following the teams and rooting for my favorite players so I was primed and ready. And yet, what I was looking forward to most was sampling some of that famous hospitality

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It’s Not How You Say It. It’s What You Say.

Recently I shot some training videos for KeyBank’s “Leading The Key Difference” initiative. I shot them with Bill Koehler, Key Community Bank’s soft-spoken CEO. Now, if you know me, you know that I’m an extrovert. EX! TRO! VERT! In fact, I make extroversion an extreme sport. But not Bill. This man is quiet. Contemplative. Calm.

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That conversation we never got to finish

What was my recent “reward” for reaching the One Million Mile mark with United Airlines? A paper certificate. What? You thought you’d be showered with appreciation and presented with a golden frequent flyer card? Hahaha (evil laughter). Nope. That was that George Clooney movie you saw. In real life, you just get a paper certificate.

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