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Three Ways to Build Your Courage (and Change The World)

Cindy Solomon | TED Talk, TEDx Sonoma - How To Build Courage

After over 20 years’ traveling the world researching, talking about and helping organizations build courage, you would think there was nothing that could phase me. I’ve answered thousands of questions about courage, and helped thousands of business leaders overcome doubts about their ability to act and lead courageously. I am passionate about courage as a…

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The 3 Secrets to “Wow!”-Worthy Customer Service

Effective Customer Service | Customer Service Training | Customer Service Tips & Advice

Every time I fly JetBlue Mint, I’m reminded that great service is possible, even in an industry as hated-on as the airlines. Today I’m on a flight from San Francisco to NYC and enjoying every minute of it. When was the last time you said that about a flight?

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Four Leadership Lessons from the Olympics

Leadership Lessons from the Olympics | Leadership advice | leadership tricks

Who else is going through Olympics withdrawal? If you’re anything like me, you were glued to your TV for the last two weeks of last month, watching some of the best athletes in the world compete in sports as varied as Super-G to curling. And in those hours of coverage, you saw both the excitement…

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The One Secret to Great Leadership

Secret to Great Leadership | Leadership Advice | leadership secrets | great leadership skills \ blog

How many screens do you have open? How many alerts are buzzing right now? I’m guessing you pride yourself on your fantastic multitasking capabilities, but that might be secretly holding you back from being a great leader.

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Four Ways Productive Leaders Own Their Day

Leadership Productivity | Leadership Advice | Leadership Tips | Blog

We’re not talking about creating the flexibility to scoot out to a spin class – although that’s well and good. Instead this is about how the best leaders maintain their focus even when the world is flying at them like water from a firehose.

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Five Secrets to Mind-Blowing Customer Service

Best Customer Service Tips | Customer Service Secrets | Customer Service Best Practice | Customer Service How-To | Blog

We’ve all been there: The company whose customer service was so bad you wanted to throw your phone against the wall or yell something really unpleasant at the “customer service” rep (maybe even suggest a new title for their job?).

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