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10 Ways to Get Down to Business This Summer

The official first day of summer is right around the corner. The pools are open. The barbecues have begun. People are in the shopping mood. The sun is shining and the air is full of possibilities for your business. Here’s how you can make the most of them.

1. Go Rogue – I know you always do that traditional thing every summer. This summer, why not mix it up a bit? Declare your independence. Delight your customers with something fresh and new. Be sure to communicate the new initiative clearly so your best customers feel included. Then get them to spread the word to their friends.

2. Redecorate – Look around your business, both physically and online. Are there things you could do to add inspiration and impact? Things that would help you energize, focus, and renew your passion for your customers or clients? Do them.

3. Blast Off – Everybody loves a good fireworks show. This is your chance to shake things up. To get out of your comfort zone. Elon Musk is certainly doing this with the space industry. When you have that kind of confidence in your product or service, you can start breaking the mold, breaking old rules. What assertive move, what bold risk, could your business make this summer?

4. Get Out – Take your vacation days. But first, make sure every member of your team feels comfortable taking theirs. Really taking theirs. Unplugging completely with no concern about people undermining them while they’re away. Get together and talk about who will be out when, and who will handle the absent person’s role while he or she is away. Clearly communicate your vision for summer vacations with your team, and describe how each of them can make that vision come to life.

5. Wear a Hat – Your “customer hat” to be specific. Put your customer hat on and imagine your company’s process through his or her eyes. Pick a specific person so you’re not just thinking in general customer benefit/barriers terms. What’s this person’s life like? What personal issues does he carry around with him? What does she need from you beyond your product or service? How could you deliver those things?

6. Get a Summer Cut – Look around. There’s something you are doing that’s weighing your customer service process down. Do you put a pickle on every plate even though 90% of your customers don’t eat them? Do you always say that same long line when you answer the phone? What can you shorten, eliminate, or cut out of your process?

7. Wear Sunglasses – On weekends. And at night if you must. But during the day, take them off. Look everyone in the eye. Not for too long. Not in a creepy way. Sincerely, genuinely. Think of it like listening, only visually. Take a whole day to practice and role play this with your team. While you’re there, work on handshakes too.


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